Louder.me Rock & Metal Festival 2019
May the 3rd, 2019 — Rock City, Valencia
Louder.me Festival was suggested to be conducted in Valencia by the students from Berklee College of Music. This is a festival of independent music designed in a unique way when live bands will compete for a prize of €3,000, and only you will choose the winner!

Then, at the peak time of the show, the Swedish band Dead By April will present their upcoming album!
Dead by April is a metalcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Three contenders from all across Europe will be decided in the Louder.me Tournament by the end of next week! Hurry up and upload your song to participate, we will contact you right away and tell you all you need to know!
Also, you can attend this concert for free if you live in Valencia and make music or attend Berklee College.
For Artists
We offer free doors for Spanish artists that will upload their music at Louder.me to participate in the future tournaments. As soon as we receive your songs, we will contact you via e-mail on which band profile is registered to give you free tickets to Louder.me Festival at the Rock City club.
For Berklee Students
For students of Berklee College of Music in Valencia, we offer free participation as volunteers. You can get practical experience from participating in the organizational process of the festival, helping to make it happen in the best way. We will write an official review of the work done, which may be useful for your resume.
"I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long."
Oleksandr Nos
Quiet Advice, winner of Rock and Metal: Second Chance
"The tournament was a great experience! A great opportunity to find new music from across the globe! Thank you Louder.me for featuring our song and giving us a platform for our music to be heard!"
Doug Range
Inner Outlines, winner of Best Rock Song of February
"Victory on Louder.me brought us understanding that Heartprints are headed in the right direction to meet our musical goals. Our listeners put their faith in us and our sincerity by voting for us in the tournament. This prize is a useful adjunct to bringing our feelings and thoughts to life and cheer the hearts of our listeners."
Yevhenii Snihur
Heartprints, winner of Best Rock & Metal Song of November
Four reasons you should go to the festival
Amazing Concert
You will listen to five heavy performances of the band from EU supported by headliner show of Dead By April
Exciting Contest
You will take part in the unique format of the show — a live tournament between the bands, where you're choosing the winner
Free Drinks
Everyone who voted for the favorite band will get free-drink (must be at least 16 y.o.) or merchandise from Louder.me
Great Prizes
You will have a chance to win a valuable prize in a quiz about Louder.me
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