Louder.me — a real-time game
The best tracks will advance further in the tournament.
The winners will receive impressive prizes.
The listeners will check how good their taste.

Website — an informational web page, located in Internet to inform Users about the project Louder.me.

Administrator — a natural person and/or legal entity including its staff, commissioned by the holder of the project Louder. me, to process Data obtained from the Users according to their consent, and to send letters informing subscribers concerning the latest news about the project Louder. me, project activities and/or contact with Users relating to functioning this Info page.

User — a natural person, who visits this Info page and/or subscribes to the information about the project Louder. me by sending his mail filling the corresponding column on this Website.

Subscriber — an Internet user, a physical person of legal age, who send us his mail by filling the corresponding column on this Website.

Privacy policy — a document that regulates our commitments concerning the dealing with the collected information from the Users.

Mailing list — a subscriber-roll of emails, used to inform subscribers about the information and news concerning the project Louder. me, located in ________

Date — emails and/or any other information obtained from Users.

Personal data — any information about a natural person that admits identifying him.

Data processing — every operation or a number of operations performed on data, automatically and/or otherwise legal manner, such as: collection, recording, organizing, storing, adjusting, or altering, withdrawing, using, transfer, aligning, combining, blocking, deleting or destroying.

Under the terms "We" and/or "Us" and/or "Our" it's necessary to understand an Administrator.

Under the term "You" and/or "Your" it's necessary to understand a User.

These Terms of Use is a document that regulates relations arising between Administrator, from one side, and User, from another side, because, of User’s visiting this Info page and/or subscribing to Mailing List by sending email using this Website.

Visiting this Website, you obtain a possibility of subscribing to the latest news and information about the project Louder.me. In order to obtain such subscription, you have to fill the column with your email and send us. Receiving your email, we inscribe it in our Mailing list for the purpose to inform you concerning the project Loder.me.

The fact of your sending us email and/or your visiting of Info page is the confirmation of your acceptance with these Terms of Use and the necessity to keep them. If you don’t agree with the provisions of these Terms of Use, don’t visit this Info page and/or send us your email.

If you are a mediator or a representative of third parties, you confirm that you have all rights to accept these Terms of Use on behalf of the third parties and/or to send us their email. In this case, all references to "You" and/or "Your" means both you and the persons, which you represent. If you haven’t such authority or you don’t agree with these Terms of Use, don’t subscribe to our Mailing List by specifying you mail on this Info Page.

No minor may be a subscriber. Giving us your email you confirm that you are a person of legal age.

We reserve a right to update the text of these Terms of Use by making alterations of its provisions and/or amending them by new provisions and or deleting the existing provisions, and/or changing them in any other way at any time. Changes to these Terms of Use will be valid from the moment of posted the new version of Terms of Use on this Info page. We’ll specify at the end of the document the date of its new adopting version. We have no obligation to notice you about the introduction of new version of these Terms of Use — you have to follow up it by yourself. Contracting bargains from your side, particularly in a form of proceeding visiting this Info page and/or unsubscribing, regards as your tacit acceptance with the new version of these Terms of Use.
Notification about infringement:

If you find out any infringement of your rights, for example a third party without your accordance send us your mail, please contact us by email mail@louder.me to resolve such situations and/or use unsubscribing reference. We’ll connect with you by email within 3 (three) business days from the date of getting your notice.


User gives to Administrator a right to:

  • process data receiving from User;
  • send letters with the information about the project Louder. me on emails, specified by Users on the Website;
  • terminate User’s subscription at any time, for any reason, and at Administrator’s sole discretion, without liability;
  • update at any time the texts of these Terms of Use and/or any other documents posted on this Website;
  • engage in third persons for data processing data and/or mailing to User;
  • transfer Mailing list including User’s data to the holder of project Louder. me and to the persons, that were engaged in under the labor or civil contract for data processing and/or sending letters to Users.
User has a right to:

  • subscribe to the Mailing list to receive the information about the project Louder. me;
  • cancel User’s subscription at any time by proceeding on reference, contained in each our letter and/or sending us such notice to mail@louder.me from the same email, that User specified subscribing to our service. In such a case, this email should be deleted from the Mailing list immediately (in a case of proceeding the reference) or the next business day while getting your notice;
  • change address of subscription by sending us such notice to mail@louder.me from the same email-address, that you specified, and which was inscribed in our Mailing list;
  • apply for explanation and/or notification concerning the project Louder. me;
  • apply with propositions and comments concerning any question about the subscription.
Restriction about the intellectual property

All rights to intellectual property (including, in particular, copyrights, confidential information, rights to trademarks, service marks (registered or unregistered)) on the Site belong to holder of the project Louder.me. User is liable for any infringement of intellectual property rights of Administrator, holder of project Louder. me, other right holder caused intentionally or unintentionally.


Administrator doesn’t liable for any direct and/or indirect direct and/or indirect loss and/or damages caused to you by:

  1. Force-majeure.
  2. On-line risks, particularly by any malicious software, any kind of computer virus, warm, rootkit, Trojan, spyware, adware, bot, time bomb, backdoor.
  3. Any errors or omissions in the technical operation of this Landing page.
  4. Any direct and/or indirect activity and/or inactivity of third parties.

Administrator doesn’t liable for any direct and/or indirect loss and/or damage that were made by third parties directly and/or indirectly to computer and/or phone and/or other device, its hardware and/or software, including the damage or loss of data, during or/and in the issue of visiting and/or subscribing and/or getting our e-mails.

You exempt Administrator, holder of the project, third parties engaged in data processing and sending letters on lawful basis, from the responsibility for any direct, indirect, actual, or incidental damages, or punitive damages arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use this Website or its content; or in connection with these Terms of Use.

Administrator does not guarantee and doesn’t liable for the compatibility of User’s computer equipment with the Website; the accuracy, correctness and completeness of all software algorithms of the Website and is not responsible for errors or omissions in any software algorithms.

User is liable for any direct and/or indirect loss and/or damages caused intentionally or unintentionally to Administrator, holder of project Louder. me, other Users, third persons, by:

  • using the software and implement actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Website or its functional elements;
  • non-compliance of these Terms of Use.
These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Any and all disputes that may arise in connection with these Terms of Use and subject to these Terms of Use settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Switzerland.
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