We're happy to announce the launch of Summer League! Throughout this summer we will determine 64 contestants in all genres during 8 qualifiers.
Don't miss an opportunity to win $3000! Final Tournament will be held in August, with 128 songs competing each other for the big prize. Also, we'll have 64 songs from previous Tournaments to have a chance of winning again.
Don't waste your opportunity to win different prizes and get more exposure than on any other music platform! Get ready for Summer Leagues Qualifiers and other Tournaments that will offer music videos, song's mixing, and online courses for you.
Louder.me developed an amazing way for Artists to compete one another
Let's tell you how it works:
64 songs with the highest rating in Arcade mode will be selected for participation in the Tournament by genres.
32 pairs of songs will be formed randomly.
Every weekday, a selection tour will be held on the Olympic system: 1/32, 1/16, etc.
At the weekend, voting for the best song from a pair of finalists.
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