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Privacy policy:

We recognize the importance of protection any information obtained from the Users of our Website. We ask you to give us only your e-mail without personal information that can identify you as a certain physical person. Nevertheless, we take all necessary measures to protect all obtained information from unauthorized access. Thus, our Privacy policy applies to all information, including the personnel data, obtained from the Users of this Website. Your visiting this Website and/or subscribing, regards as your tacit acceptance with our Privacy policy and your consent to the processing of data provided by you to us.

Location of Mailing list is Switzerland.

This Privacy policy is a structural part of the Terms of Use, posted on this Website, so all categories used in this Privacy policy have the same meaning giving in the thesaurus of mentioned Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy sets out the Administrator's obligation on the confidentiality and ensuring the protection of confidentiality of data obtained from Users.

You allow us processing your Data, including its collection, recording, organizing, storing, adjusting, or altering, withdrawing, using, transfer, aligning, combining, blocking, deleting or destroying. Depending on Your country of location Data received from You, may be transferred to another country for processing and mailing. When transmitting information, we comply with applicable laws and international rules on data protection.

The purpose of processing User's data are:

  • informing Users about the news concerning project Louder.me;
  • having feedback with the Users concerning the operation of this Website.
The processing of data is carried out with the consent of Users for the purpose of:

  • sending to Subscribers information concerning project Loder.me;
  • establishing a feedback with the User concerning the question of subscribing.
Period of data processing:

Processing of your data for sending information concerning project Loder.me is carried out during the period of User's subscription. Processing of data for establishing a feedback is carried out during the period of User's subscription and/or resolving the question arising from using this Website.
Our undertakings:

We take all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect your data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as other unlawful actions of third parties.

We undertake to restrict access to data the minimum required number of persons among our staff, to whom such information is reasonably necessary to carry out the tasks concerning data processing and sending letters but access to the data provided by User will have:

  1. Administrator, including its staff and persons that were engaged in under the labor and/or civil contract to data processing and/or mailing.
  2. Persons and/or bodies authorized to have access to such data under applicable Switzerland law.
  3. Holder of the project Louder.me.
We do not rent and/or sell information entered by you on this Website.

We have taken security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the obtained data, however, we are not responsible for any security issues or unauthorized disclosure or use of any such data. Also, we are not liable for loss or disclosure of User's Data, especially if it:

  • became public before her loss or disclosure;
  • already known or available to the public at the time of its obtaining by Administrator;
  • was disclosed with the consent of the User.
Nevertheless User have a right at any time to:

  • request the deleting of your data from our Mailing list;
  • apply for explanation and/or notification concerning the processing of your data.
This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Any and all disputes that may arise in connection with this Privacy Policy and subject to it settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Switzerland.
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