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Metal, Rock
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About"Welcome to the mysterious world of wanderings and fantasy’s" Melodic metal band Wave.X was created in the year 2020 by Vitalii Karnaukh (guitar) and Hanna Demchenko (vocal) in Kiev, Ukraine. This appeared to be a home cooperation of two musicians in order to create music, and no concerts were planed. But soon Taras Zemskiy joined the band and took bass guitar in his hands. Despite corona virus situation in the world, Wave.X gave 10 live concerts in several cities of Ukraine to let listeners feel full energy of their metal vision. Drummer Dmitriy Krainskyi joined the band later in the year 2021. Before he joined the band, Wave.X performed without drums. History of name Wave.X brings listeners to TV series X-files, which the band took mysterious atmosphere from. Band's songs are mainly about pain, suffering and love. The band delivers to listeners a metal sound that combines distorted guitar riffs, melodic solos and clean female vocal. So far the band has 8 songs ready, and two of them are already been released. Band started shooting their debut music video "Unwanted guest" in May 2020 when there was three musicians in band (without drummer). Unfinished building in the center of the city was chosen as location. The next stage of music video filming took place in the photo studio later in August after drummer Dmitriy joined the band.
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