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Ex Animo

Ex Animo

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AboutEx Animo is a dark melodic metal band founded in 2004 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our music is a specific mix of genres based on musical tastes of every member of the band. Someone can describe the resulting style as dark/doom metal, but actually we are just trying to find that golden ratio, our common vector in mixing the aggression and melody of metal music. This is of course a very challenging but at the same time really exciting task. We aren’t desperately driven by the idea of creating something totally new and unique, this idea by itself is limiting the creative space, we are rather obsessed with the quality of what we do. We invest huge amount of time and efforts making our records sound as close as we can get to the ideas we have in our minds. Our attitude is precisely outlined by the name. “Ex Animo” literally means “from the heart”.
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