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What happens when you combine drive, talent and a fierce passion to create something exceptional in an environment where being on par with the trend is the only way? Often, you are faced with skepticism and disregard-as many creative are. Ukrainian production duo “Wavewalkrs” are a far cry from what is considered in trend on the Ukrainian music scene. They combine the spontaneity of live production with a sound that breaks down the walls of genre to take the music back to a form of free expression, and they do this with an unassuming style that is both cool and off trend. This act is not about ego and individuality, its simply about; music. Their first releases are collaborative live productions, which take on massive songs by even bigger names such as ‘Hozier’ and ‘The Police’, both featuring vocals by new talent AKINE. With these performances they challenge the viewer to experience these well-known hits in a completely new way, adding a dark and ambient twist to these well-established classics. We can expect the duo to release their own material before the end of the year with a full EP of original tracks coming from this ambitious new act.

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