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the album covers a range of genres from Hip Hop to EDM, capturing the pulse of a generation. The album is personal as well as encompassing, with tracks like “My Time” discussing OneTo’s hard work and experiences in becoming the man he is today and how he embraces opportunity, to “On It”, which features a celebration of achievements and possibility. The track “Dance” celebrates being comfortable in your own skin. The standout track of the entire album is “Be Brave”, which is OneTo’s personal message focusing on love, positivity, and bravery. This song most importantly brings to light current events and issues like Sudan to the forefront, helping the listeners learn more about how to interact with these types of issues; think it fits really well with the vibe of your site. Here’s a little more info about me: OneTo understands that hard work, passion, and dedication through experience help to make a difference and spread positivity throughout the world. Through his music, he aims to start a movement featuring the beauty in diversity, unity and a message of hope for all, no matter who they are. His album, “OneToronto” does this by shedding light on current trends and issues that all manner of people can relate to. OneTo is using his platform to change and influence the music scene in ways that help people learn to be proactive global citizens.


On It
On It


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