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Cyberwaste is a composer, producer, photographer, designer and sound design artist created by London based Anglo-Irish Ashlinn Nash. The multi-disciplinary artist uses sampling sonically and visually intrinsically as part of her live performance and recorded works. With influences of Massive attack, Grimes, Portishead, Nine inch nails, Aphex Twin, Faithless, Portishead and Gary Numan [too name a few] comes music drenched in experimentation, electronica and dark pop. Cyberwaste’s debut album "Immerse" available now which features the dark and brooding vocals of Jake Harding [Gravelines, Landskap, Dead existence] against the Trip-hop gothic melodies of the music. “ Adventurous female-driven electronica with infusions of Hip-hop, DnB, Dance, Soundtrack and industrial, it's always an exciting and engaging sonic experience. Expansive atmospheres take you away to other worlds one minute and a killer breakbeat gets you on your feet the next. Combined with live projections you will always get a spectacular show." - Doncaster Electronic Foundation “Endless could almost be Aphex Twin were it not for the reverb-drenched, almost-whispered vox. Superb track.” - Wild Eye Music

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