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Upload your songs, sit back and let Louder.me do its magic In a moment you'll get feedback and most importantly new fans. And it's completely free!
Louder.me offers a free music promotion service that helps independent artists to get heard by everyone

Dig deeper and learn how it works:
Upload your best song
Press the "Upload song" button at the top of the screen. Then upload your file in one of two ways: by dragging and dropping it from a folder on your computer, or by browsing your folders with the "Browse" button.

Keep in mind that by uploading your song, you confirm that your content complies with our Terms of Use and you don't infringe up anyone else's legal rights.
Choose the coolest part of your song
Your potential fans will hear this snippet first, and then if they like it a full song will drop into their Loudest playlist. So you need to select the part of the song that represents your music the most and afterwards this sample will be played in Arcade by listeners from all around the world. Keep in mind theses three simple rules about choosing the snippet:

  • Keep it short: 20 seconds is good enough

  • Choruses work the best

  • But remember to keep 'em wanting for more

Then press "Send song" button and you're all done! After a short period of time your song will appear in Arcade mode.
Get your song's rating from listeners in the Arcade mode
Arcade mode is a place in our app where you can listen to the previews of the uploaded songs. You can swipe them on your own or you can enable the autoplay and lay back.

If you like the sample of the song, press the "heart" button and then the full version of the track will be saved in your Loudest playlist.
Compete with other artists in the Tournament mode
The best tracks will make their way to the Tournament by natural selection. It means that listeners choose among two songs the one that goes up by results of the week.

We're sure that is the most efficient and objective way to measure your songwriting, technique, and talent. Win big with your music.
Winners will receive impressive prizes
Let your music speak for itself, and let the listeners decide your worth. No foul play, no playing favorites, only real people and prizes for your songs.
Features & Benefits
A simple way to grow your fanbase
100% objective feedback to your music
Sign up for free and use it indefinitely
See who likes your songs
Win big with your music
Add your buy links and improve your sales
Quotes by Artists, Media & Business Partners
Yes, we get so much endorsement.
Igor Sidorenko
Guitarist from Stoned Jesus
"This may be the best way to show your music to the world."
Benji Webbe
Vocalist from Skindred
"Be true with yourself. Get Louder!"
Jerod Boyd
Drummer from Miss May I
"Be good to music, and be good to other people who plays music."
Go get the app now
Be sure to download our app to your phone (iOS and Android) and experience the new way of discovering amazing music. Play to win in the Tournaments and get your favorite artist the highest rating possible in the Arcade. It's all up to you!
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